Our manufacturing process

Individual production according to your specifications

Taking your specific requirements into account, we find the ideal solution for the realization of your production order in close collaboration with you and our network of partners.

Material by drawing specification. High dimensional accuracy. Heat treatment as specified, as a raw part or prefabricated part. Low tooling costs.

GG lamella graphite, GGG spheroidal casting, by drawing and step files. Processed or as a raw part. Low tooling costs.

Mostly desired as aluminium die-cast iron. High stiffness. Cheap tooling costs in China.

Multi-stage punching processes, reshaping, bending, according to drawing specification and step files. Own toolmaking.

For mechanical engineering, medical technology, plastics and electrical engineering. CNC turning, grinding, honing with heat treatment according to the specifications. Small, medium and large series.

Forged parts made of steel, aluminium and stainless steel. By drawing and step files. Own toolmaking. Hardening, soft annealing, normalization. Mechanical processing and surface treatment.

Plain bearing bushings, drill bushings, plastic bushings, bronze bushings, clamping rings. By drawing.

According to pattern or drawing, stretching screws, bolts, pin screws, aluminium screws.

Solenoid valves, pneumatic valves, pressure valves, shut-off valves for mechanical engineering, medical technology. According to the customer.

Lifting magnets pulling/pressing according to customer specification.

For rubber molded parts, rubber-metal parts, seals, dampers manufactured according to pattern or drawing.

Control lines, cable harnesses, complete cable sets, cable assembly.

Motors, drives, controls on request.

We can install your individual parts at low costs. Own assembly line possible. Assembling, testing, packaging according to customer requirements.

Bevel gears, worm gears, racks, sprockets, timing belt wheels, profile shafts according to the drawing specification. Heat treatment according to the indication of the drawing.

Depending on the quantity, order according to DIN number and description.

Cylinder pins, bolts, axles. Various materials, additional work possible. All hardening processes and surfaces.

Small and large series. According to the customer. Surface as specified.

If you wish, we can draw on our wealth of manufacturing expertise to assist you in the optimisation of constructions and the development of new products.

The final products are inspected by our quality managers after the completion of the serial production run. Shipping will be arranged after acceptance and approval. These procedures and the constant exchange of information help to reduce the risk of returns to an absolute minimum and fulfil the quality requirements you demand.