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Order handling

You will receive a confirmation of your order from us within 24 hours.

We arrange for your order to be shipped by sea or by airfreight, depending on the goods. If you wish, we can also arrange the shipping of your goods with your preferred carrier.

Around five weeks by ship and around one to two weeks by air.


Thanks to our extensive network of partners, we are able to provide enormous flexibility for the fulfilment of your production order. We look forward to receiving your individual request.

Shipping is by airfreight and usually takes around seven working days. Samples are inspected by our specialist engineers in Germany on arrival and then forwarded to you after assessment.

As our Chinese engineers are in close contact with manufacturers throughout the entire production process, they are able to intervene at short notice and perform initial testing of parts on-site at any phase of the process. The products are inspected by our quality managers after the completion of the serial production run. These procedures and the constant exchange of information help to reduce the risk of returns to an absolute minimum and fulfil the quality requirements you demand.


The local teams from our office in Shanghai can arrange a tour of your manufacturer’s facility and will accompany you during your visit.

Should you require a specific certification for your production, we submit requests only to manufacturers who meet your manufacturing needs. We can offer all relevant certifications.

Our commercial interests lie in the development and expansion of long-term business relationships and cooperative ventures in which fair working conditions play a key role. In this way, our corporate targets are achieved collaboratively with our employees and business partners.

We take country-specific environmental regulations seriously and take the necessary measures to ensure implementation and compliance. Regulations in China are strictly monitored and enforced by the Chinese authorities.


The company has been successfully established on the market since 1997.

The head office of PK INDUSTRIAL-PARTS in Merzig, Saarland, is located at the intersections of important trading routes in the heart of Europe.

PK Industrial-Parts relies on its long-established, mature network of quality-assured partners in the manufacturing and supply segments and the PK Team on site.

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